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Welcome to the official forums for the InFinite Clan Family. We hope that this will be a comfortable and stable environment for any and all members to interact, socialize, and share their experiences and tips with others. However, there are some basic rules that must be adhered to. Violation of these rules may result in a ban or infraction, and sever rule violations will result in a ban from the clan family as well as the forums.

Forum rules also apply to groups and chat.

1. We will not tolerate rude, insulting, or harassing posts of any kind. Posts that contain questionable or abusive content should be brought to moderator/admin attention by using the report button.

2. We will not monitor private messages or visitor messages, but will follow up and investigate any allegations of abuse. Private messages and Visitor Messages are by no means a way to get away with questionable or abusive actions.

3. You may not post actual, intensely vulgar, or other questionable content anywhere. This includes PM and VM. Please remember that we have members of all ages, and this should be treated as a family- friend forum. POSTING THIS TYPE OF CONTENT WILL RESULT IN A BAN.

4. Abuse or ignorance of moderators/admin and their authority is not permitted. You should always respect moderators/admin and their authority. If you feel that a moderator or administrator has made an unfair decision, please contact or shivampaw ingame or on the forums using the Private Message feature.

5. Suggestive content, including alchohol, illegal substances, and tobacco, is not permitted to be discussed or shown. Posting this type of content will warrant an immediate infraction.

6. You may not start, engage in, or fuel flame/spam wars. You should report suspected spam and/or flaming to an online moderator or admin, or use the report tool. Advertising of third party sites, products or speaking of other clans is prohibited and will result in an immediate punishment.

7. Do not unnecessarily report posts, and do not report admins or mods. It takes up moderator time to investigate a reported message, and abusing the report function may result in an infraction or ban.

8. Discussions of hacks, cheats, or exploits is not permitted. The clan family should be clean of any type of cheating or exploits, and discussion or admission of use of hacks or exploits will likely result in an immediate ban from both the forums and the game.

9. We will create a 'ruled out list' of suggestions for improving the clan structure, and we do request that you suggest ideas within reason. Trolling or posting wild ideas such as giving immediate co- leader to new members or resorting to cursing or flaming members when kicking will be thrown out immediately, and repeated suggestion of troll ideas may result in an infraction. There is a fine line between trolling and making legitimate suggestions, so please be liberal when expressing disapproval of moderator decisions on this topic.

10. Moderator and admin decisions are final, except for the topic listed directly above. Resorting to nagging, spamming, or trolling to change moderator decisions or actions may result in an infraction or ban.

11. We are not harsh on cursing, but limit vulgar language to words like 'damn'. Extreme vulgarity, or offensive language in the form of cursing, will earn you an infraction. All members should be mature enough to take a few appropriately- placed curse words, HOWEVER- you may not use curse words towards another member and there is always a time and a place. Do not randomly use curse words just because you can. This is classified as trolling/spamming and WILL result in an infraction.

12. Do not claim to speak on behalf of forum leadership or family leadership. Leave the moderating and enforcing of forum rules to the moderators and admins, and leave management decisions of the clans up the clan leaders and their co leaders.

13. Discussion of clans or clan families other than those part of the InFinte Family is prohibited.

14. These forums are English only!

15. Multiple accounts are not allowed. It is one forum account for a clash account in the family. If you have 2 accounts, one in rising and one in striking then you can have 2 forum accounts as long as the details for it are correct.

These actions will earn you an immediate ban, regardless of circumstances:

Prolonged and offensive use of vulgar language, including extreme vulgarity or discussion of suggestive/actual topics.

Insulting or repeated harassment of another member, including snide remarks, insults, and 'ganging up' towards other members.

Posting vulgar, suggestive, or actual content including but not limited to nudity, drugs, tobacco, scant pictures, and other inappropriate images. Moderators and admins have the final say in what classifies as vulgar, suggestive, or offensive

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